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Dire Rugrat Publishing was born out of Kelly and Ken’s love of gaming. Many a session was spent on role-playing and world building; eventually the idea came to take some of these detailed pieces and share them with the rest of the world.

We are focused on creating easy to use GM tools, primarily drop in locations, NPCs, organizations, events, and encounters. Dire Rugrat Publishing has created numerous products aimed to add a little role-playing to your evening.

From Tangible Taverns, to quick mini-adventures, to unique 5e resources, we've got you covered.

Our team

The faces behind Dire Rugrat Publishing. (Click a name to see a list of works. )
Kelly Pawlik

Kelly Pawlik

Writing and Layout

Ken Pawlik

Ken Pawlik

Writing and Art


What our happy customers say
I’ve really come to like Kelly and Ken Pawlik’s style. There is a positive core to their writing, something deeply human that manages to elicit a sense of joy without being naïve or bland.... It’s hard to properly describe, but it could boil down to a sense of empathy with their fictitious creations. You can relate, in some way or another, with quite a few of them, with their motivations and characters.

Thilo G.


Props to Dire Rugrat for writing some creative characters with intriguing and easily-playable personalities.

Craig C.

[A]bove anything else is just having a nice tavern that players can actually interact with...I've awkwardly tried to make things more interesting by improvising but there can be a lot of inns and taverns in a campaign so its taxing to make one that your players are willing to blow time on. [Tangible Taverns] makes my job as a GM easier, it gives me NPCs I don't have to make up and can hook up to any kind of campaign.

Elexious C.


New Releases

5e NPCs: Flawed Foes

5e NPCs: Flawed Foes brings you 10 NPCs each with their own backstory, stat block and colour art. Custom abilities and unique histories make this a colourful collection of NPCs for your party to encounter.

There are over 20 pages of NPC content and while all of the characters in the book are flawed to some extent, they can still pose an obstacle for your PCs; challenges range from 1/4 to 5.

Tangible Taverns: The Hut (5e)

Tangible Taverns: The Hut is a shelter for weary travellers. Delicious smells waft out of the weathered building and lights are visible through the windows. There are no signs denoting a name for the building, or even its purpose, but a welcoming feeling almost emanates from the large hut.

This PDF includes rumour and event tables, a tavern map, and descriptions of frequent faces about the establishment (which include names, physical features and personalities, as well as a few stat blocks).

Our Products

Tangible Taverns

This series is dedicated to bringing life back to the local watering hole while making the GM's job a little easier.

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Each of these PDFs brings you ready-to-use NPCs with custom stat blocks, colour art, and detailed biographies.

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Tavern Tales: Mini Adventures

Tavern Tales are super short adventures designed to accompany various Tangible Taverns by Dire Rugrat Publishing, but may be easily inserted into your own tavern or campaign.

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Advantageous Abilities

Advantageous Abilities provides Game Masters a toolkit with which they can easily add feature abilities to monsters and NPCs, giving their NPCs an advantageous edge (or just a little role-playing fun).

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