August 2020 Reviews

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In case you missed some of our products the first go around, or you’ve been sitting on the fence about them, we’ll compile the monthly reviews of our products into one blog post each month. The full reviews can be found with the products (linked to in the product name), and in some cases, on the reviewer’s own blog (linked to the reviewers name).

Non-Dire Rugrat Products

Sometimes the authors here at Dire Rugrat Publishing get the opportunity to work on projects for other companies.

Empire of Ghouls

(Kobold Press)


Empire of the Ghouls takes two classic campaign types – underdark strangeness and a kingdom of the undying – and blends them into a series full of weird encounters, political intrigue and undead combat. “For tables that want to experience a bit of darkness on the players’ side, Underworld Player’s Guide offers new options that embrace the shadow….Subclasses include rogue undead hunters, sorcerors [sic] whose unnatural hunger powers their magic and pladins [sic] whose oath tries to use the infection of a ghoul for good while staving off the final transformation.”