Freebie Friday: 5e NPC – Deloris Franz (Part One)

This coming Wednesday, January 18th, Dire Rugrat Publishing is releasing 5e NPCs: Bullies & Brutes.  With nearly 40 pages of unique stat blocks, write-ups, and colour art, there’s plenty of NPC goodness. While all of the characters in the book are a bully of some sort, some prefer brawn and others brain; challenges range from 1/2 to 15.

To tide you over until the big release, here’s a sneak peek:

Deloris Franz

Human Business Mogul

“I’m glad we could come to such an understanding, darling. I do love when things go smoothly.”

Deloris Franz is a curvy woman in her early thirties with curly black hair, dark skin and shockingly blue eyes. Her eyes, usually soft and encouraging, quickly turn cold and calculating when those she is speaking with do not see things her way.  Everything about her is meticulous, from her perfectly manicured nails, neatly coiffed hair and spotless clothing to her business holdings and the way she conducts her relationships around town.

Deloris was born to an unwed noble girl with a creamy complexion and a promising future—at least until her pregnancy scandal.  No longer suitable to marry off, Deloris’ mother became a burden on her family.  Deloris’ dark skin did nothing to earn her favor with her grandparents, and Deloris’ mother, who instantly fell in love with the sweet little babe, ran away from home with her daughter.

deloris-finalIf there is one thing Deloris cannot stand, it is men who believe they can have whatever they want.  She happily gives them the illusion of control before turning their world on its end.

When it comes to information, Deloris wants it all; she has her hands in numerous pies and countless people report recent goings-on to her (whether or not they intended to). Deloris also commands a small group of thugs, but prefers to keep things civil and discrete whenever possible.

There have been rumours of romantic relationships with various influential men around town, but any who are asked about her remain remarkably tight-lipped, though it is often evident from their reaction they have been scorned by her.

Deloris does not want to engage in direct combat. If it starts to look like her careful plotting is going awry, she disengages and forms a new strategy for a future date.  Should combat be initiated, and her thugs prove unable to protect her, Deloris flees; she would much rather live another day than risk her life on a potential business deal.

More on Deloris, including a full stat block with unique abilities, can be found in the upcoming 5e NPCs: Bullies & Brutes.

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