Freebie Friday: 5e NPC – Deloris Franz (Part Two)

Last week we gave you sneak peek at Deloris Franz, an antogonist from 5e NPCs: Bullies and Brutes.  We know detailed histories and motivations are awesome, but since Deloris is intended to be used in an RPG, stat blocks are handy too, right?

deloris-finalThat’s why this week we bring you her complete stat block.  If you are intrigued and think a few more unique NPCs could be benefical to you in your game, we entreat you to pick up the brand new release from Dire Rugrat Publishing.

5e NPCs: Bullies and Brutes is a 35+ page book dedicated to colourful, unique, and competent NPCs that are (you guess it) bullies and brutes.

With colour art for each NPC, unique stat blocks and detailed biographies that include histories, motivations, and plot hooks, and challenges ranging from 1/2 to 15, this PDF has everything a GM needs to introduce a new antagonist.

And without further ado, we give you Deloris:

But Where Do I Use Her?

Deloris is happy to hire a PC to do a job for her, and also happy to have one more thing he needs to complete before she can pay him.  This drawn out method of job completion is common for her, and if Deloris can magically enchant cooperation, she is even happier with the arrangement.

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