House Bierjeron

This week we released a new mini adventure. One of the patrons of the Beached Mermaid is desperate for assistance, and enlists the PCs to approach his beloved. In order to help, they’ll have to infiltrate House Biejeron. As an added bonus to the mini adventure, we included this house write-up. 

House Bierjeron

To Distant Horizons

Lord of the House: Lord Viktor Bierjeron

Spouse: none

Children: none

Household Knights, Retainers, Servants: Sir Elias Dahlström, Oscar Malmgren (butler), Hugo Forsberg (valet), Louise Maegden (head of staff), Lotte Kok (cook)

Bannermen: 636 (300 infantry [300 immediately available]; 100 cavalry [100 immediately available]; 100 archers [100 immediately available]; 36 personal guard, 100 garrison)

Vassal Houses:  none

Hillcrest Manor overlooks a picturesque small town situated on the coast. The area suffers little crime under the watchful eye of Lord Viktor Bierjeron and his men. House Bierjeron has held the estate and the surrounding lands for three generations. The current lord has to have any children, and his only brother perished some years ago. House Bierjeron’s power is said to be waning.

Lord Viktor Bierjeron
The lord of Hillcrest Manor is Viktor Bierjeron. He is currently unwed, though he is betrothed to Annette Cunningsworth, the only daughter of  a now landless lord and lady. Lord Bierjeron keeps to his word to the letter, but not necessarily the intent the other party had in mind. He has mastered the art of false sincerity, and cares little for others.

Lady Annette Cunningsworth
The future lady of the house is Annette, a young woman who is still secretly in love with a man she met several years ago named Yacub. She has been pressured by her family into a marriage with Lord Bierjeron, and is currently staying at Hillcrest Manor with her parents while the details of the union are finalized. She is a spirited woman who loves to sing and laugh. She and her handmaiden, Ariadne, are worried there will be little of either once she is wed to Lord Bierjeron.

Sir Elias Dahlström
Once the squire of the previous lord of Hillcrest Manor, Sir Elias Dahlström serves Lord Viktor Bierjeron only out of a sense of duty. He does not particularly like Lord Bierjeron as he finds him cruel, false, and generally unpleasant. Sir Elias Dahlström gives a portion of his wages to those less fortunate in the lands, assisting them in putting food on their table.

Oscar Malmgren
Oscar has been the butler for House Bierjeron for three decades. While his hair is white and his age is showing, Oscar is still more than capable of his job, and will gladly continue to work until his dying die. His wife Olivia was the former head housekeeper, and when she passed away a decade ago he was left with nothing but his position at Hillcrest Manor. He is a stoic man who pours flawless drinks, and has long perfected overseeing the manor in a fashion pleasing to Lord Bierjeron.

Hugo Forsberg
Lord Viktor Bierjeron’s valet is Hugo Forsberg, an intelligent and astute individual. Hugo knows who should be in the manor, and who should not. He only brings matters to Lord Bierjeron when he is unable to take care of them himself, as he knows his lord prefers not to be disturbed. While Hugo is surprisingly capable of defending himself, he does not hesitate to call the guards to take anyone suspicious into custody.  

Louise Maegden
The head house keeper of Hillcrest Manor is Louise Maegden. She knows, and personally vetted every staff member in the manor. She is a canny woman with an eye for detail. Under her supervision, Hillcrest Manor is kept immaculately clean.

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Not so long ago we shared Lord Alvin Cyris’ house. The house detailed in that blog, and this one, are much like the houses in Houses and Heraldry. Each house is laid out on one page; the top half contains the house name, its motto, a representation of their heraldic device as it would appear on a shield, and an information block detailing important personages, numbers of troops, and vassal houses. The lower portion provides enough detail about the interesting characters of the house to get your imagination going, but leaves plenty of room for you to add your own details.

These house write-ups are great for campaigns with a lot of nobility, particularity systems like Sword Chronicle and Song of Ice and Fire. The stat blocks in the appendix make them easy to use in your D&D campaign, but most of the content is system neutral. 

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