May 2017 Reviews

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In case you missed some of our products the first go around, or you’ve been sitting on the fence about them, we’ll compile the monthly reviews of our products into one blog post each month.

The full reviews can be found with the products (linked to in the product name), and in some cases, on the reviewer’s own blog (linked to the reviewers name).

Moar Goblins (A Mini Bestiary)

By Endzeitgeist

5 Stars

Moar Goblins cover“..the respective creatures all come with different and rather detailed notes on their background, nature and behavior – beyond what you would usually see in a 5e-bestiary…”

“Kelly & Ken Pawlik have created a nice mini-bestiary worth checking out here: Beyond the basic builds, which all have at least one intriguing feature, it is undoubtedly the copious flavor and inspiring supplemental text that makes this pdf come into its own; it s also a big, big plus that this does not simply regurgitate the same tired creatures we have seen over x editions and instead opts to go for the uncommon and novel, drinking deep from the wellspring of more obscure myths and legends. In short: Totally worth the low asking price! An inspired mini-bestiary worth getting, full of evocative, nice ideas…”

Non-Dire Rugrat Products

Sometimes the authors here at Dire Rugrat Publishing get the opportunity to work on projects for other companies. This month we were lucky enough to get a great review on a particularly fun one.

Letters from the Flaming Crab: The Household Magic Catalog


By Endzeitgeist

5 Stars

Letters From the Flaming Crab: Household Magic Catalog“Alex Shanks-Abel, J Gray, Phoebe Harris, Kelly Pawlik and Kendra Leigh Speedling have created an inspiring tome here, but beyond the deserved praise for the authors and the layout herein, the editors/playtesters Alex Shanks-Abel, J Gray (who also acted as the dev), Jeffrey Swank and Lucus Palosaari deserve special acknowledgement. Why? Because, in spite of the different authors with varying levels of experience, the book actually has a unified narrative voice – it does not read or feel like a book written by x different folks – it reads like a delightfully fantastic catalog and has this distinct and hard to achieve aesthetic unity of visuals, text, tone and theme. In short, this is a perfect example of how to create a holistic, thoroughly inspired book that can act as a colossal hand-out if you want it to!”

“If utility magic and everyday magic, a magical society or the like are even remotely close to what you want, then this is a no-brainer.”

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