What’s in the Bag? (Infernal Commander)

Ah, that moment when your players take down an NPC wealthy enough to possess a bag of holding. They want it to store their own goods, sure, but it didn’t come empty now, did it?

This series of posts details the contents of such magical bags.

An Infernal Commander’s Bag of Holding

The edges of this meticulously clean bag are trimmed in a fine red ribbon.  The initials “RY” have been embroidered near the opening of the bag.

  • An unholy text
  • 25 gp
  • Black vestments for an infernal church
  • 5 candles
  • 3 vials of unholy water
  • A wicker basket with a handle
  • Patchouli oil
  • A series of unsent letters to “Father” signed “RY”
  • Family signet
  • Potion of healing
  • Case of 10 crossbow bolts
  • Silver whistle
  • Boot polish
  • Whip