What’s in the Bag?

Ah, that moment when your players take down an NPC wealthy enough to possess a bag of holding. They want it to store their own goods, sure, but it didn’t come empty now, did it?

This series of posts detail the contents of such magical bags.

A Minion’s Bag of Holding

This worn, brown sack is about four feet deep. Its exterior is stained with dirt, and possibly drool. It has a faint musty odour to it.

  • A sheathed and finely crafted dagger with an intricate motif at the hilt, worth 12 gp to the right buyer
  • Crumpled up sheets of parchment with lists of assorted items, many of which appear to be spell components
  • A bedroll
  • Lantern with extra oil
  • 50 yards of rope
  • Set of manacles, without a matching key
  • An old, bent copper piece 
  • Vial of pixie dust
  • 2 vials of bat guano
  • 5 small sacks, large enough to fit over a person’s head
  • Thieves’ tools
  • Crowbar
  • Flask of cheap whiskey
  • 5 rations
  • Portable ram