Adventure Adviser: Delectable Dragonfly

The Delectable Dragonfly


7 reviews     |        $$, Tea Service, Spa Services

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Tea Service, Light Lunch


Seating, Table Service, Spa Treatment

Vast Collection of Teas

I am always impressed with the selection of available teas. Every pot is perfectly brewed.
Tangible Taverns: The Delectable Dragonfly

stupid place for stupid women

This is nothing but some fancy tea parlour for uppity noblewomen with nothing better to do.

Excellent service

The staff go above and beyond without being obtrusive. If you’d like to enjoy an afternoon with acquaintances and don’t wish to host them in your own home, I highly recommend the Delectable Dragonfly.
Rosalind Alderidge
Tangible Taverns: The Delectable Dragonfly


I enjoyed a few afternoon teas here while staying in town on business. The quality of service is superb. It was an excellent way to meet some important and influential people.
Deloris Franz
5e NPCs: Bullies & Brutes

delectable additions are the icing on the cake

The delectable additions are the reason I visit. If you haven’t explored this menu you are missing out.

Class Act

The Dragonfly is a class act from start to finish. Everything is meticulously decorated and cared for. The presentation of the food is impeccable, and the quality is excellent. The perfect place to spend the afternoon - with friends, or on your own.
Maeve W.
Tangible Taverns: The Delectable Dragonfly

They do try

This little tea house can be quite lovely. Prim does her best, but sometimes they are short staffed, the food is substandard, or they have an error with their books and do not have the correct person on hand. I recommond visiting, but suggest you keep your expections moderate.
Eva Lurancree
Tangible Taverns: The Delectable Dragonfly

Face at the Tavern: Yakub Bekril

With the release of Tangible Taverns: The Beached Mermaid comes a collection of new faces.

This shipwreck turned tavern is located just on the outskirts of a settlement. The tavern is open to the air, allowing the fresh sea breeze to blow away the stench of the salty sea dogs who frequent it. The company is seedy and there are no rooms to rent, but the food is good and few people ask any questions. 

The tavern itself has a handful of servers, Captain Ormont, and the cook named Tor. Tangible Taverns: The Beached Mermaid also includes a collection of colourful patrons ready to make an appearance while your PCs sip their ale.

Yacub Bekril

Yacub’s face is weathered and scared from countless ship battles and tavern brawls. His facial hair is neatly trimmed, and his brown hair is long, but well groomed. Like many pirates his clothes are loose and slightly tattered. He wears a patch over his left eye.

An optimist from a young age, Yacub typically has a cheerful disposition. He feels at home on the ocean and despises being away from the waves for any length of time. He has worked for countless captains on all manner of ships. While much of his life has been spent aboard pirate ships, scuttling other ships and making off with cargo, Yacub has also sailed with merchants, assisting them in seeing their cargo safely to port.

If not for Annette Cunninsgworth, Yacub might never need set foot on the shore, save to assist in restocking a ship. Whenever he finds himself in a spot of trouble, unsure of how to carry on, Yacub recalls the day he first laid eyes upon his bonnie lass.

Can your PCs discover Yacub’s dark secret?
Or will it be their undoing?

Pick up Tangible Taverns: The Beached Mermaid today.

Sewing with Kids – Charm Class

I’ve worked on a few sewing projects with the kids, and they have enjoyed some more than others. With all of the hearts in the windows, I thought I’d use up some of the felt from our pig project.

I did this simple project with Rugrat #2 and Rugrat #3. (Rugrat #1 was happily working on something else.)

Spread the Love

  1. Cut out a heart shape from two pieces of felt. It’s easiest to use one heart as the template for the other. Folding the felt in half to make the two sides even makes things easier as well.

  2. Thread embroidery floss into a needle, stitch 3/4 of the way around. Leave enough space to stuff it. We used different stitching on some of the hearts, but the easiest was the whip stitch. I helped a fair bit with this part.

  3. Stuff the heart. The kids loved this part, and I didn’t need to help at all.

  4. Finish stitching. Close the hole up.

  5. Add a little bit of embroidery floss to the top to hang it from. Then simply hang it from a tree or a window.

Adventure Adviser: Gumption



6 reviews     |        $, Home-Style Food, Lodging

Ratings and Reviews




Breakfast, Dinner


Seating, Table Service, Large Property to Walk, Working Farm, Small Rooms for Rent

A Waterfowl Enthusiast’s Dream 

I'd heard rumours of the mysterious property filled with an incredible assortment of waterfowl, but I didn't believe it to be true until I saw it with my own eyes. Harbrum has an incredible selection of ducks, geese, and other waterfowl. I was particularly impressed when I spotted a Drovan's Redbeak. True bird watchers will understand the magnitude of this bird's presence in such a location.
Larnit Hemshire
Nature enthusiast

don’t like the squirrel

Bring a bedroll, and don't expect to sleep in the main house. The place is good enough, but there's this weird squirrel statue that made me feel like I was being watched.
5e NPCs Bullies & Brutes


Something weird is going on here.. my friend went missing and they won't say what happened to him
like i'd tell you!!


bed was good. food was good. was a nice place to stay.
Trune K

Home away from home

The kids here are just the sweetest, and Harbrum is a delight. I stumbled on the place by accident and stayed a few days enjoying the amazing property. Magenta even sent me on my way with lunch when I left.
Celeste T.

knack with animals

This is the perfect place for stop for a break, and not just because there is nothing else around for miles. The rooming cabins are sufficient (and far better than being out in the open), the food is filling, and the proprietors are welcoming. Even more than that, they have a real knack with animals. Our horses had a rough go of things before our arrival and the Kettlebees let us stable them for a few days. Never seen those creatures happier.
Cleo Arnsdorfsen
Hauler of Folks

Adventure Adviser: The Hut

The Hut


4 reviews     |        $, Home-Style Food, Hostel

Ratings and Reviews




Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


Seating, Table Service, Liquor, Hostel Beds

A Good Place to Go

I like it here. Mama's food is really good, and she always gives my pup a treat.
cloudy forest by Lum3n

Lucky find

I was fortunate enough to stumble upon this place some time ago. It had been a rough few days and Mama took me in. The food she made was delicious. The beds were very comfortable.

a hut in the middle of nowhere

Inconvenient location. Too much wildlife. No private rooms. Food was spicy. Do not recommend.

Nice place to rest

Durgal and I enjoyed the food here. It was nice to get inside. Mama was friendly. 
Evie Longheart

Have a character who visited The Hut and wants to share their experience? Submit it and it could be featured here!

Don’t forget to include your character’s name. 

Savage Combat

Savage: ˈsavij

Definition: (of an animal or force of nature) fierce, violent, and uncontrolled.

The fifth edition of the world’s oldest role-playing game relies heavily on combat, but often what should be cinematic and memorable is laden down with dice rolls and rules that prevent truly memorable acts from occurring.

Knocking out a PC with one hit, for example, is nearly impossible. Until now.

Knockout (X/Day). [CR + 2 ] If this creature hits a creature with an unarmed strike, its target must make a Constitution saving throw equal to 8 + this creature’s proficiency bonus + this creature’s Strength modifier or be knocked unconscious. If this creature attempts this against a creature that has not taken any damage, it has advantage on the saving throw. An unconscious creature gets a new saving throw at the end of each of its turns to regain consciousness.

Our recent release Advantageous Abilities: Savage Abilities Volume 2 provides even more brutal abilities for the GM’s arsenal.

Give your PCs the unexpected as they come up against a monster with a slightly different strategy than others of its kind.

Pick up the whole Advantageous Abilities line now on DriveThruRPG.


Sewing with Kids – Jillian Jiggs Pigs

A long time ago, when I was a child

I sat alone reading while my sister went wild

Paper bag princesses, a jolly postman, and Jillian Jiggs

Oh how I desperately wanted my own little pigs

The cover of the Wonderful Pigs of Jillian Jiggs


For years a kept a little pig my mum made me. It had never turned out quite how I wanted it, but it was made for me. And then a couple of years ago Rugrat #3 got her hands on it and the poor little thing was never the same.

Around this time I stumbled on Jillian Jiggs. I came across her in a local consignment store and was thrilled. I brought the book home and read it to my Rugrats, only to discover for all the talk of pigs, the darn instructions weren’t there. I started to think my memory of the whole thing was wrong, but after some hunting I discovered Jillian had more than one book. And why wouldn’t she? If you haven’t heard of these books, or haven’t looked closely at the art, I recommend you do. The attention to detail is great and so much fun. The rhyming scheme of the book also makes it a pleasure to read out-loud.

After some hunting, I found the instructions in the back of The Wonderful Pigs of Jillian Jiggs, which I also picked up secondhand.

I had been meaning to make these pigs with my own kids, but excuses.

Last week, just before Spring Break, I walked into Rugrat#2’s room and my jaw dropped. The state of of it was something else.

It was like a bomb had gone off.

A bomb filled with Lego, bits of paper and who only knows what else. 

Without even thinking I started to recite the words of Jillian Jiggs’ mother. And he stared at me blankly.

I dropped everything, found the books on his shelf and read the first one right then and there. He laughed and smiled and loved it.

And so I read all about her wonderful pigs. We looked at the collection of pigs in the pages. We talked about what they were wearing. And we made a deal to make our own.

Transmogrification Class

We are trying really hard to make learning fun around my house in light of everything.

Today’s lesson: turning pantyhose into a pig!

It turns out this is more difficult than I thought and I see now why my mum only made one little pig for me, and not a whole pig family as I so desperately wanted.

I highly recommend starting with an easier sewing project (like this dice bag) if your kids (or husband) have very little sewing experience. 

I also suggest if you are making this for three kids, you come a little more prepared. If your family is anything like mine, there will be a lot of impatient eyes watching you.

Stuffed Sausages or Toast

My boys (Rugrat#1 and Rugrat#2) laughed and laughed that the stockings looked more like food than pigs. Rugrat#1 insists his looks like a stuffed sausage (prompting a conversation on what sausages are made of!). Rugrat#2 says his looks like over cooked toast.

Rugrat#1 adding the stuffing to his pig

There was lots of laughter.

I loved that. But it didn’t last. 

a button nose on the first pig

This ended up being a two day project. By the end of Day One we closed off one end of our pantyhose, picked out buttons for our pig noses and I managed to get the noses on and the eyes made.

In the end, the eyes were a bit of a piece of embroidery thread pulled through and just tied than a french knot. 

Partially made pigs


Then they sat there. 

When I say “2 day project” I don’t mean one day, and then the next. Life got busy.

Teachers sent learning packages.

The house got messy.

I started rage cleaning.

The kids got distracted with screens.

My day job needed attention.

I had writing assignments due.

March turned to April, and that turned to June. But eventually…

“Day Two” came

We sorted through the pile of square felt I picked up on Amazon, and each of the rugrats chose their own ear colour. Once it was selected, I cut the ears into square shapes and sewed them on. I tried to encourage the kids to help with this part, but honestly, the project was a bit more than they wanted. They alternated between watching me and wandering off to play/find a snack/make a mess/frustrate a sibling. 

After stitching on the ears we realized we’d sadly missed adding the mouth the “previous day.” So we took care of that, and tied the ends of the stocking up into a little tail.

Make sure you squeeze and moving the stuffing where you want it first, and ensure it is as full as you want it to be. On the first try we had a sad underfed little pig and one that was a bit overstuffed due to which part of the stocking was used.  

The feet were probably my least favorite part. By now I was also done with the so called “wonderful” pigs. We sat down for a family movie night and I stitched away, making 20 sets of little pig feet. 

Eventually, the little pigs were done. 

Here they are, looking pretty cute.

Rugrat #3 picked out a broken hair clip to adorn her pig with. We cut the flower off the broken clip and stitched it onto the side of her head.

Rugrat #1 and Rugrat #2 wanted their little pigs just plain.

And Ken and I were so relieved to be done with this, plain was find with us.

I learned why I only ever had one wonderful pig

And I vaguely recall being as impatient as the rugrats were.  So a big thank you to my mum. 

I hope, in time, the rugrats look back on this somewhat successful sewing project fondly. I know they loved the end result. Rugrat #2 loved his so much he pulled the stocking. (I managed to stitch it back together, but the poor thing looks like he suffered a serious battle wound, or had his spleen removed in the 90’s.)

If, after this defeating tale, you are eager to try to make your own wonderful pigs, I present the instructions.

Make Your Own Pigs

Inbar’s Guide to the Northlands

Kobold Press has a series of blog posts, written by Kelly, about Inbar. This young woman left her home and family in Siwal to explore the Northlands. She records her adventures in letters she sends home to her family.

In addition to Ibar’s insights these blog posts contain more information about the Northlands, a region of Kobold Press’ Midgard campaign setting.