April 2019 Reviews

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In case you missed some of our products the first go around, or you’ve been sitting on the fence about them, we’ll compile the monthly reviews of our products into one blog post each month.

The full reviews can be found with the products (linked to in the product name), and in some cases, on the reviewer’s own blog (linked to the reviewers name).

Non-Dire Rugrat Products

Sometimes the authors here at Dire Rugrat Publishing get the opportunity to work on projects for other companies.

The Faerie Ring: Along the Twisting Way Campaign Guide (5e)



5 Stars


“The artifacts and locales will want players to keep exploring the Demesnes of the fey soverigns (and Red Jack) even as they have to fight the inhabitiants as well as the enviroments as well. Each chapter has a short little tale to set the mood and even a few excerpts from classical literature to hint at their inspiration.”

“So in short pick up this product if your players love the feywyld and if you wish the Monster manual as well as Volo’s Guide to Monsters had more of your favorite creature type, because i sure as hell know i do.”


The Faerie Ring: Along the Twisting Way Campaign Guide (5e) was written by Jeff Grubb, Scott Gable, Wolfgang Baur, J Gray, Victoria Jaczko, Amanda Hamon Kunz, Sarah Madsen, Andrew Marlowe, Monica Marlowe, Ben McFarland, Kelly Pawlik, Stephen Rowe, David Schwartz, Joshua Stevens, Todd Stewart, James Sutter, Mike Welham

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