Cloak Clasp of Confusion

Inspired by Paizo’s War of the Crown, but using the rules from the Cubicle 7’s (no longer available) Adventures in Middle Earth, our latest campaign is a low-magic, gritty, sexist world.

Most people think magic is almost entirely gone from the world. In truth, it still whispers in the trees of the deepest forest, and calls to some individuals in their dreams. Magic items are incredibly rare, but a few magical heirlooms remain.

This is one such item. Worn by an unsuspecting lord sent to do his father’s bidding, this clasp shields his mind from those who might read it, but at a cost.

Cloak Clasp of Confusion

Wonderous item (requires attunement), uncommon

This intricately made cloak clasp depicts the image of a griffon.

While wearing this cloak clasp, you are immune to magic that allows other creatures to read your thoughts, or know your alignment. 

The cloak clasp of confusion protects your main intentions from being read by focusing on another irrelevant thought. This can often drive the wearer to have a shift in their apparent personality. It does not affect your ability to focus to or complete your intended task, but a gentle soul may give off a lecherous demeanour while other individuals may seem obsessed with a person or subject.