Location Incantation

Cover of Incantations: Skill-Based Magic

Incantations are formalized magical rites that can be performed by any character, not just those who can cast spells or who have supernatural abilities.

While each incantation is unique, there are certain laws they have in common:

· Its formula must be known by the invoker.

· They require time to perform; invoking an incantation takes minutes, hours, or days.

· They require a sacrifice. The description of each incantation informs the invoker what is needed.

· Their effects are very specific. Each invocation does exactly what its description says, no more and no less.

· There is no guarantee of success. Invoking an incantation shouldn’t be undertaken lightly. There are always consequences for failing.

Incantations: Skill-Based Magic has six incantations, as well as rules on how to make more for your own game.

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Minor divination incantation

Invocation Time: 10 minutes
Components: V, S, M (two candles, a map and a small piece of chalcopyrite on a silver chain which aren’t consumed in the incantation)
Number of Participants: 1/3
Duration: Instantaneous

When you invoke this incantation, you locate a single
intelligent creature by swinging the chalcopyrite on the chain, like a pendulum, over the map.

Ability Checks: A DC 16 Intelligence (Nature) or Wisdom (Survival) check must be made by the invoker to initiate the incantation.

After the initial check, one of the following checks must be made every five minutes for a total of three checks. The DC for each check is 16. If the invoker holds an object of emotional significance to their quarry while the incantation is invoked, the DC of the ability checks is reduced to 13.

Charisma (Persuasion) to plead for help.

Intelligence (Investigation) to know which clues lead to your quarry and which lead to dead ends.

Wisdom (Insight) to predict your quarry’s next move.

The final check can be any of the above checks.

Sacrifice: The invoker has disadvantage on Wisdom (Perception) checks for one hour following the completion of the incantation.

Success: The crystal lands upon the map at the approximate location of the creature the invoker is seeking. This incantation works at any range as long as the creature being sought is on the same plane of existence as the invoker. The more local the map you are using, the more refined and exact your result will be.

For instance, if you aren’t at all certain where the creature you seek might be, you can find their general location on a world map, and then narrow your results by moving to the area it was located and performing the incantation again using a more
localized map, narrowing down the result until you find your quarry.

Failure: The exact location of the invoker springs into the mind of every creature they have spoken to during the preceding twelve months.