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Dire Rugrat Publishing is focused on creating easy to use GM tools, primarily drop in locations, NPCs, organizations, events, and encounters.

We have created numerous products aimed to add a little role-playing to your evening, without too much GM prep. Pick up one of our products today and you’ll be set the next time your PCs stop off for a drink or a meal in the next town.

From Tangible Taverns, to quick mini-adventures, to unique 5e resources, we’ve got you covered.

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Tangible Taverns

Easy Drop-In Locations

We’ve got you covered

Want to customize your NPCs?

Tavern Tales: Mini Adventures (PFRPG or 5e)

Combat wrapped up early? PCs decided to stay in town?

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Tangible Taverns

Tangible Taverns are available in a system neutral format, as well as Pathfinder and 5e compatible versions.

This series is dedicated to bringing life back to the local watering hole while making the GM’s job a little easier.

We help you bring the tavern to life with:

      • Detailed descriptions
      • Rumour and event tables
      • Tavern maps
      • Colourful and unique NPCs
      • Complete stat blocks (for Pathfinder and 5e compatible versions)


Tavern Tales: Mini Adventures

Tavern Tales are available in Pathfinder and 5e compatible versions.

Didn’t have time to prep? Combat run short and the players have returned to town early? Tavern Tales are super short adventures designed to accompany various Tangible Taverns by Dire Rugrat Publishing, but may be easily inserted into your own tavern or campaign.

5e Specific Resources

We have also created a few other 5e specific products, including a playable race and easy-to-add abilities for your NPCs.

Advantageous Abilities

Advantageous Abilities provides Game Masters a toolkit with which they can easily add feature abilities to monsters and NPCs, giving their NPCs an advantageous edge (or just a little role-playing fun).

Each product in this line has more than 15 themed feature abilities, and instructions that allow GMs to easily customize existing creatures or create all new foes.

Currently there are five Advantageous Abilities: Charismatic Abilities, Savage Abilities, Defensive Abilities, Urban Abilities, and our humorous 2017 April Fool’s Day release (Not So) Advantageous Abilities.

5e NPCs

Each file of 5e NPCs brings you a collection of NPCs each with their own backstory, stat block and colour art.  Custom abilities and unique histories make these colourful collections of NPCs for your party to encounter.

Now you can pick up 5e NPCs: Bullies and Brutes,  and 5e NPCs: Goblins! Goblins! Goblins! each with 18 ready-to-use NPCs. These NPC collections hold a colourful cast of characters to add to your next game night. Stay tuned for more 5e NPC collections. 

Moar Goblins

In RPGs, goblins have been simplified. A lot.  Almost always serving as slaves for stronger races, these little creatures have been left standing on the sidelines as fodder for first level parties, but there is so much potential beyond the standard version of the goblin; for that reason, Dire Rugrat Publishing brings you Moar Goblins.

Each with their own appearance, native habitat, and assortment of abilities, the creatures herein are not your typical goblin.  This PDF includes 6 variant goblin types, 8 stat blocks, and challenges ranging from 1/2 to 5.

Spruce up your game, and surprise your players, with Moar Goblins!

Playable Races

Grippli: Playable Amphibians offers players a new playable race.


System Neutral Resources

We have also created a few system neutral products, which, with a little GM prep, can easily be used in just about any game.

Handy Handbag or Pointless Purse?

Much like the fictitious bag of holding, a woman’s purse potentially holds just about anything one can imagine, but that’s not helpful for a GM put on the spot when a PC gets their hands on a stranger’s handbag.

Inspired by a GM’s lack of familiarity with a women’s handbag, Handy Handbag or Pointless Purse contains more than 10 pages dedicated to the description of assorted handbags and their potential contents. With over 100 items, assorted tables, and numerous premade purses, GMs can be sure they have detailed information at their fingertips when their PCs scavenge the apocalyptic wastelands or start purse snatching.

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