Savage Combat

Savage: ˈsavij

Definition: (of an animal or force of nature) fierce, violent, and uncontrolled.

The fifth edition of the world’s oldest role-playing game relies heavily on combat, but often what should be cinematic and memorable is laden down with dice rolls and rules that prevent truly memorable acts from occurring.

Knocking out a PC with one hit, for example, is nearly impossible. Until now.

Knockout (X/Day). [CR + 2 ] If this creature hits a creature with an unarmed strike, its target must make a Constitution saving throw equal to 8 + this creature’s proficiency bonus + this creature’s Strength modifier or be knocked unconscious. If this creature attempts this against a creature that has not taken any damage, it has advantage on the saving throw. An unconscious creature gets a new saving throw at the end of each of its turns to regain consciousness.

Our recent release Advantageous Abilities: Savage Abilities Volume 2 provides even more brutal abilities for the GM’s arsenal.

Give your PCs the unexpected as they come up against a monster with a slightly different strategy than others of its kind.

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