What’s in the Bag? (Noblewoman)

Ah, that moment when your players take down an NPC wealthy enough to possess a bag of holding. They want it to store their own goods, sure, but it didn’t come empty now, did it?

This series of posts details the contents of such magical bags.

A Noblewoman’s Bag of Holding

This small clutch is decorated with a collection of shiny jewels. Once open, the small bag reveals itself to be much larger in size. The opening of this bag remains quite narrow.

  • Vial of perfume
  • Flask of whiskey
  • Finely crafted small dagger
  • Grooming kit
  • Narrow silver bracelets, worth 50 gp
  • Warm wool socks
  • Long silver chain with a dragon pendant, worth 25 gp
  • Pearl of power
  • Journal written in tidy script detailing the owner’s interactions with nobles from various houses
  • Small silver bell with depictions of a dragon, worth 100 gp
  • Riding crop
  • 28 cp
  • 51 sp
  • 198 gp